Building Outdoor Areas

Outdoor areas can bring a different element to your home. Having an outdoor space for entertaining or relaxing can almost become an escape. From decks to pergolas nestled in the garden, our team are experienced in building any type of outdoor area for homes throughout Brisbane.

When deciding to add a deck, pergola or any outdoor area to your home, you should consider a few things first. You don’t want to get halfway through the build and realise that the sun will never reach the spot you chose or that there’s no privacy. 



One of your first thoughts should be where do you want to place your new deck. You need to consider where the elements will hit the most. For example, you’ll want to have some sunshine during the day, however you probably won’t want to face strong winds, so picking a sheltered yet sunny spot could be important. You also need to factor in your existing rooms, you don’t want an entertaining area to connect with a bedroom or bathroom. 



Your budget will dictate most of the project including the size, materials and extras that might go into the deck or pergola. As with any building project, the budget should be well thought out. If you don’t set a budget you risk spending more than you can afford. When it comes to selecting a spending limit, you should allow for unexpected costs, especially for construction projects, even small ones, because more often than not, a problem arises that needs fixing straight away. 

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You need to decide what you are going to be using this new outdoor area for. Will it be for entertaining, relaxing or to act as an outdoor kitchen? This could determine the size and shape of your area. For example, you might want a deck for entertaining guests, in this case, a large and spacious area would be the most practical choice. However, if you ‘re looking for a reading nook amongst your garden, a small pergola could be your pick. Either way, we have many years of experience in a variety of outdoor projects so we can help you determine what space will best suit you and your needs.



One factor that many homeowners don’t consider is the maintenance that comes with an outdoor area. Timber needs regular upkeep, including cleaning and oiling, which can be a time-consuming task. If you aren’t willing to upkeep the spaces, you’ll need to consider other options, such as tiles or brick instead, however, these options don’t suit a deck space as good as timber does. 



Whilst you may think that natural lighting is enough, during the hot summer days, spending an evening up on the deck can be the best place to be, however, without lighting this could be impractical. Often one decent light can be enough when placed in the right spot, so make sure you choose wisely!



There’s more to building outdoor areas than you may think. Other elements that you need to consider before starting your project include stairs, fencing, roofing and privacy. These are small but significant parts of an outdoor area that will bring it all together. Privacy may not seem like an issue, however, if you’re up on your deck and realise that now you can see into your neighbour’s yard, you’ll want to have some privacy. Some form of safety will also be necessary, especially when building a deck high from the ground. We will help you with these extra details when we start working with you.  

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