Common Kitchen Mistakes You Should Avoid

Common Kitchen Mistakes You Should Avoid!

The modern Australian kitchen design allows for a range of activities to take place ranging from; meal preparation, tasks, and entertaining guests. From cooking, eating & socialising, to homework and running our ‘home office’ to just name a few. Because of this, you want your kitchen design to be visually appealing as well as practical.

To create a kitchen that is both beautiful and functional, you need to avoid making these fundamental and irreversible mistakes. Looks have a look at what not to do! It takes careful planning to ensure main work zones centered around the hotplate, sink, and fridge remain clear and accessible; while allowing other zones to give family members sufficient access to the kitchen at the same time.

Not having enough storage space

Modern kitchen appliances these days take up a lot of space and more often than not these new appliances take up vital bench space. This limits the preparation and serving areas making it more difficult to workaround.

Bad or inadequate lighting

One thing that is absolutely necessary for any Kitchen design is good lighting. If you don’t have a window to provide natural light, as some apartments do, it is important to have good LED downlights and a pendant light to light up the kitchen. This creates a welcoming atmosphere and showcases your design elements. It’s also a great idea to have a good functional lighting scheme for when you prepare and cook; safety needs to come first when dealing with knives and other kitchen tools.

Not installing a good quality splashback

Another common mistake that is made when designing the kitchen, is saving money on installing a quality splashback, or not including it in the design at all. It might help you save a few dollars, but it will definitely result in wasting a lot of time and effort in the long run.

A splashback is a strong visual element in any kitchen design and it should really be planned out and not left as an afterthought. When you cook and prepare meals in a kitchen it produces grease and grime, a splashback makes for a really easy surface to wipe down and clean.

Fads or trends

The end purpose of any renovation, and especially the renovation of your kitchen, is to increase the value of your home from an investment perspective. Kitchens are always a feature for any property as it’s usually the centre of the house and the area used for majority of activities.

It’s best to do your research and try to avoid fads, trends or crazes, which look great in magazines, but in reality, have a shorter lifespan and will go off trend fast, diluting your investment. as it’s harder and more expensive to replace tiles and paint colours than it is appliances. If you like a particular colour in a kitchen, remember appliances are easier to change than tiles, have fancy coloured appliances instead.


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