Importance of Referrals and Reviews

Many customers often utilise reviews when deciding which builder to contract but very few leave reviews when their project is finished.

Reviews are incredibly important to local businesses. Particularly those that are family owned and operated. Local businesses operate on much smaller profit margins than large corporations or franchised outlets. These smaller profit margins are caused by a number of factors; sourcing local materials costs more than mass-produce items made overseas, competition with other low-cost businesses and DIYers, and other environmental factors. These smaller profit margins mean many local builders simply cannot afford to compete in the marketing arena that corporate constructions companies have cornered. This is where the value of referrals and reviews comes to fruition. However, reviews and referrals are, not only, a brilliant way to support your local builder, referrals and reviews are a great way to help other prospective clients for several reasons.

When looking at which service to choose, 71% of customers are influenced by a digital review. This can be incredibly useful for prospective clients who are looking for a unique service or project. If you have encountered an unusual circumstance or have undertaken a project with unique factors, your review can provide extensive assistance to both the builder and prospective clients.

The quoting process for builders and prospective clients is a large investment of time. Referrals can help a client narrow down the choice of builders they receive referrals from. When a client receives a quote from referred builders the decision often comes down to price an availability – clients are not concerned about service and reliability as they have anecdotal evidence showing the builder is competent.

Finally, customer reviews and referrals provide a level of detail that the builder can never provide: customer experience. A builder can never know how their service was perceived by a client without hearing it directly from the source. Plain and simple, the only way to know how customers found a service, is for the customer to tell you. Reviews and referrals are how businesses judge, moderate, and improve their service. While a review provides explicit details a referral can be just as useful because it shows that a client was impressed with a service and was willing to promote the business.

At Bishop Construction Services, we understand that you may not wish to have your name publicly displayed. If you would like to leave an anonymous review, please email our team and note in writing that you are happy for your review to be displayed but that you do not want any identifying labels.

If you would like to learn more about Bishop Construction Services offerings or you would like to provide a review of our services, please contact our friendly team today!

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