Renovations to do before Winter

Undergo these Renovations before it becomes too cold!

We are already well into autumn, which means winter is fast approaching. Now is a great time to be getting in those small renovations before it’s too cold! Whilst Brisbane doesn’t get to the arctic temperatures of many other areas during winter, it doesn’t mean you’ll want to be living in a home with walls missing! Before winter arrives, there are a few renovations that you might want to get completed.

Home Extensions

This is the most important project to complete before the cool months fully set in. A home extension usually requires a wall or two to be removed, and this will most likely remain open for a few days. By getting home extensions completed in the warm months you can avoid the chilly winter night air getting in and interrupting your sleep!


Flooring is another upgrade that can affect how much winter air is getting into your home. This naturally, depends on whether you are replacing an entire floor or simply updating the existing floor. Some flooring can actually improve your home’s insulation, making it nice and cosy for the chilly months, so by ensuring that your floor is updated before June, you can guarantee a warm floor under your feet!

Doors and Windows

Over time, it’s only natural that your doors and windows will start to age, potentially cracking and letting in wind through any gaps. Addressing these little issues can mean your home will be winter-proof. Sometimes a simple adjustment is all that’s required, however, our team can help determine any further issues that may require a renovation, such as walls shifting, which can be a sign that your home needs re-stumping.


Your roof is another element of your home that can show signs of aging, especially if you live in a Queenslander. Leaking is a common sign of a roofing issue. This is something that you’ll want to address before winter begins and it starts to affect the warmth of your home.

New Paint

When it comes to painting your home, a drier climate is often better, however, if it’s cool, you won’t want to leave doors and windows open to let out the paint fumes. So undergoing a paint makeover is better done in autumn, when you can still have the house open to let in fresh air without freezing!

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