Making the Most of your Spare Room

What to do with your spare room?

It’s the end of another year, so it’s possible that you’ll be gaining a spare room! But what to do with all the extra space? Brisbane homes are known for their spacious bedrooms, so you likely have plenty of room to work with.

Home Office

Many of us have shifted to working from home. Setting up an official space to call an office can make the working from home environment much more productive than working from the couch or wherever else you had been if you didn’t already have a home office. A spare bedroom is likely to be more than enough space to work in.

Kids toy room

The holiday season tends to bring around gift-giving, and if you have young children this often means toys. Instead of accumulating a pile of toys in the living room, where they can become a trip risk, why not create a toy room in the spare room. This can then become the designated spot for toys as well as a good opportunity to teach young children about cleaning up after themselves!

Home Gym

If you have a spacious spare room, why not transform it into a home gym. With many people getting into home workouts this year, a home gym can now be a practical addition to your house. It doesn’t have to be complex to become an efficient gym, just enough space to move around and have your desired equipment!.


If you’re lucky enough to have a book collection large enough to need a home library, a spare room would make a great library. You can then still keep a bed in there for guests should they need it.


We can renovate the room so it has custom made wardrobes and cupboards with plenty of space inside to have heaps of extra storage space within your home. We know how frustrating it can be to have no room for the extra linen or dress-up box, so having a room dedicated to storing these extra bits and pieces can free up some space in the areas for the things that you want to easily reach.

Dressing room

If the spare room backs into your main bedroom, you may have the opportunity to transform the room into a walk-in wardrobe. Bishop Constructions can create custom joinery for this new wardrobe so it will suit you and your needs perfectly.

Rent it Out

Finally, if the spare room is large enough, it could become a great rental for those popping to Brisbane for a night. This is particularly good if the spare room has its own bathroom, as people feel more comfortable to have their own space when renting a room.

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