Things to Consider Before Renovating your Kitchen

Before starting your kitchen renovation, there are a few important things that you should take into consideration. From the budget to schedule, thinking them through can be the difference between your dream kitchen and an average kitchen.

The Budget

As with any renovation, the budget plays an important role. It can dictate many of the choices you will need to make- from the material choices to fittings and appliances. It’s essential to remain realistic with your budget and even more essential to stick by it. We also suggest allowing extra in the budget for any unexpected costs.

Layout and Design

Deciding the new layout of your kitchen is exciting, however, it can be a difficult time. You need to take into consideration how you and your family will be using the kitchen. If you’re more likely to sit at a dining table to eat, having a large island could use up crucial space that would better serve a dining table. You also need to consider the flow of the kitchen. There’s nothing worse than completing a kitchen and then realising that one of the cutlery drawers blocks another or the shelf assigned to the microwave is awkwardly high up. We have many years of experience in kitchen renovations and can guide you in designing the perfect functional kitchen.

Kitchen Renovation Grange - Bishop Construction Services


If you don’t plan on buying new appliances for the renovation you’ll need to ensure that the measurements are correct for the ones you do have. Even when you haven’t purchased new appliances yet, make sure that the spaces assigned to the fridge and dishwasher are able to accommodate a variety of sizes without leaving awkward gaps or being too small. 

Work with what you have

Demolition can be a costly and time-consuming process, so we recommend considering the space that you do have and working with it as much as possible. It’s amazing what can be done with a simple room when a thought-out design is applied. However, when it comes to creating an open plan kitchen-living-dining area it’s likely that a wall or two may need to be knocked down. But this can transform your entire home, so it’s often worth the investment.

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Don’t compromise on quality 

We understand how hard it can be to stick to a budget, however, it’s important not to compromise on quality. Whether that’s selecting an appropriate builder, materials or even paint choices. A kitchen is a high traffic area and should be completed to a high standard that will stand the test of time, which often means selecting materials and builders who aren’t the cheapest option.

Don’t forget the Little Details 

Sometimes deciding on the big details can be thought-consuming and the small details may be a last-minute decision that potentially doesn’t fit in with the rest of the space. So remember to take into consideration what lighting you’ll want. You might need bright light to work efficiently at night time but when it comes to eating, you may want a more subtle option. Handles might seem like an easy decision, however, it can be very frustrating if you spontaneously choose a handle that isn’t easy to use! There are many small factors to consider when it comes to kitchen design, so don’t worry if you forget something, we are more than happy to provide assistance in selecting appropriate features for your kitchen.


Another important element of any renovation is the timing. A kitchen is the hub of a home, so it can be a bit of a shock to not be able to access it for a while. Consider renovating during a time of year when not many people are home or when you can borrow someone else’s kitchen. We also suggest preparing meals before your kitchen is out of order, this will allow you to still have wholesome, home-cooked meals without needing to cook, however, food delivery is also a pretty great option!

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