What is Overland Flow map and how does it affect you

Brisbane has always been a flood-prone area. In the wake of several devastating floods, residents have become increasingly aware of where their home, and future homes, sit on the Overland Flow map. But what exactly is the Overland Flow map and how does it affect you?

What is the Overland Flow Map?

The map charts the path and pooling points of water as it moves across the land towards a surface water body. One of the main surface water bodies is Brisbane is the Brisbane River, which is why such a large number of suburbs adjacent to the river were affected.
Luckily, the Brisbane Regional Council, among others, has extensive mapping of the past and likely future overland flow paths.
These maps, show homeowners and builders how high a home needs to be constructed in order to avoid catastrophe.

Overland Flow Map

How Does The Map Affect You?

Brisbane’s planning scheme requires that the lowest habitable floor height of a building be at least 500mm above the overland flow.
It is important during your planning stages to consult an overland flow map to ensure that you have realistic expectations about building possibilities. For people buying a new home, it can also be helpful to consult the map as well.

There are several different resources that can assist when trying to ascertain if flooding will affect you.

Overland flow is the movement of water over the land, downslope toward a surface water body.
Brisbane’s planning scheme requires the habitable floor area of a building to be 500mm above the overland flow.
You can access Brisbane City Council’s online Overland Flow Map here.
Additionally, you can find an explanation of the map key here and procedural “how-to’ answers here.

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