Making the most of your small spaces

When it comes to working with a small home, it can be tricky to create functional and beautiful spaces, however, our team have many years of experience delivering stunning homes in all shapes and sizes, so we have a few tips and tricks to help you.

The most important thing to consider when renovating a small home is that function should come first. If you’re limited on space, it will only become more frustrating if you have an aesthetically pleasing but unusable room. Bishop Constructions will help you create a functional and stylish home. 

In order to work with a small home, it’s necessary to decide what is important and necessary for you and your lifestyle. Whether you require office space or enjoy entertaining so would like the appropriate space to cater to this, we can work with you to create your dream home.

One technique that effectively opens up a room is the creation of lots of natural light. Make your windows longer, by doing so you can also create the illusion of higher ceilings. Another option can be to create a divide between rooms. Creating a divide between spaces may seem counteractive, however, selecting feature doors can work as a stylish separation tool. 

The space under the stairs often presents itself as a difficult and awkward area, however, it doesn’t have to take up crucial space. This area can often be turned into a practical and cute nook. Fill it in with a bookshelf or turn it into a discreet office space.

Working with a small living room presents a great opportunity to practice restraint. When it comes to communal areas, less is definitely more! If you are limited on floor space, don’t fill it with unnecessary elements. Often we can go without a coffee table. A great option for small living areas is to open up the entire floor and create an open-plan home. Not only will this provide more living area, but it can also make the home feel much bigger without adding an extension. Clever storage solutions come in handy when working with limited space. Don’t use up the floor with bookshelves, instead consider floating or built-in shelves. Finally, when renovating the living area, we suggest a declutter. You might find that you have wasted space with items that serve no purpose. 

Similar to small living rooms, bedrooms are best designed when you select furniture that will serve a purpose rather than for decoration. For example, don’t place a chair in the corner if it’s only going to take up space or serve as a dumping ground for your clothes. We can create a built-in wardrobe that will work with the space rather than sit in the corner. Floating shelves can also work well in smaller bedrooms, taking up less floor space whilst providing storage. 

Bathrooms are a tricky space to work with. Does your bathroom have the toilet included or separate? Do you have a bathtub? Removing a bathtub can open up a bathroom so much, and allow you to create a larger shower. However, we understand that this might not suit your needs and wants. Another way of enlarging your space is to select a neutral colour scheme and have wide windows to let in plenty of natural light, whilst maintaining your privacy. 

minimalist grey bathroom with timber flooring

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