What Can A Builder Do For Me?

What Can A Builder Do For Me?

The short answer is: Anything…. If you have enough money.

Bishop Construction Services often speak to homeowners at the very beginning of the of their home renovation process.Holland Park Deck Extension - Second Stage | Bishop Constructions

One of the first questions we receive is “Can you do this?

Our answer:  Bishop Construction Services have extensive experience building homes throughout Brisbane and Ipswich, performing services of all kinds. Our team can accomplish whatever you have in mind.
Bishop Construction Services always strive to work in the most cost-effective manner, however, safety and quality are paramount; we cannot create champagne on a beer budget. Which is why we believe your first question should be “Is this possible on a budget of X?

The most efficient way to find out if your project can be accomplished is to be upfront with your builder about your budget. Bishop Construction Services have experienced builders who have years of estimating experience who can provide you with an honest and open answer. While an estimate should never be used as an exact value, it will give you a realistic idea of which factor adjust: your budget or the scope of your project.

Holland Park Deck Extension - Bishop Construction

Bishop Construction Services are able to quote on the following services:

Home renovations aren’t all doomed to be expensive though. Bishop Construction Services offer a sought-after Design and Construct service. This service allows you to hand the pressure of your budget over to your builder and we will manage your entire renovation from start to finish.
We call on our vast network of industry contacts to ensure that you always receive the lowest price on labor and materials. Additionally, during a Design and Construct project, we will liaise with the designer in the early stages to ensure that your renovation plans are cost-effective.

If you have further questions about building projects, make sure you check out our Frequently Asked Questions page. You can find information about our choice of building designers, our processes, and other useful information.
Otherwise, contact our friendly team today to kick-start your project!

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