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Raising a house and Building Underneath is the perfect way to maximise space & increase the value of your home!

Bishops Construction Services has years of house raising and building underneath experience. We know Brisbane homes like the back of our hand. We understand the value that creating additional living spaces can provide to your property.

Our team can raise to create extra living areas, bedrooms, rumpus rooms and more.  And if you know that living higher will provide a better view of the skyline, street, a park or river that you have been longing, then a house raise and build underneath project could be the ideal building project to undertake.

Other benefits of raising a home or ‘giving it legs’ includes the important ability to ensure that your house is well out of harm’s way when it comes to potential floods and other inclement weather. Raising a home is a safe way to keep your prized possessions well above ground level and could save you thousands in the event of an unexpected turn in the weather.

Using our extensive knowledge and experience in this area allows us to be able to advise you through the process; from start to finish with a minimal amount of fuss or worry.

We take immense pride in our building work. Over the years we have gained extensive experience working on Queenslander homes. These are the ideal house type to raise and build in additional rooms. We can advise you on the best process for a Queenslander raise and help with plans, as well as be adhering to council regulations & guidelines.

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Morningside House Raiser - Bishop Construction Services
Morningside House Raise Worksite - Bishop Construction Services
House Raise at Daisy Street - Bishop Construction Services
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Benefits of House Raising in Brisbane

Whether you want to renovate a home where you currently live or plan to purchase one for renovation, there are many advantages to the process. Learn why so many families are raising homes to create more space and value:

  • House lifting in Brisbane creates more space for a new garage, entertainment area, or another bedroom. If you have a heritage or character-listed home, there may be limitations on extensions. Raising a house maintains the home’s classic appearance while giving you the extension that you want.
  • If your home is close to the Brisbane River, then raising it may help to defend your home from flood damage. A renovation allows you to restump your posts, which can protect them against termites, water, and rotting.
  • Raising a house maintains your yard space while giving you excellent new views, especially if you live in the hilly suburbs of Brisbane.

Of all the advantages of raising a house, increasing its value falls at the top of the list for most homeowners.

Why Customers Should Use Bishop Construction Services

We provide the highest-quality work, excellent project management, attention to detail, and the best customer service in Queensland. Our hands-on approach ensures that you will be a satisfied client, and we look forward to working with you. Look to us for renovations that run smoothly and provide your home with added value. Start your renovation project today, contact us with your questions.