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Brisbane Home Renovation featuring Deck Extension

This Holland Park property has stunning south-easterly views. However, due to the reasonable slope on the block, this stunning panorama can be somewhat hidden. The home originally featured a small deck. Nevertheless; time and Queensland weather take their toll, families grow, and sometimes you just need more space – it was time to create something new, exciting, and much more expansive. The homeowners contacted Bishop Construction Services to create a new and amazing deck.

We’ve decided to take our ‘before and after’ shots to the next level by including a progress description below.

Demolished Stage

Bishop Construction Services demolished the original deck, completed extensive earthworks to create a stable and well-drained foundation, poured all concrete, and successfully installed the supporting structure.  

At Bishop Construction we are experienced tradesmen who know the value of a job done right the first time. We pride on our attention to detail as well as our standard of communication between our tradesmen and the homeowners. Home renovations of any scale can be stressful even without the added pressure to co-ordinate tradesmen from various businesses; Bishop Construction Services can take the weight off your shoulders with our design and construct services. We manage your project from start to finish and you will always have a direct line to your project manager. No more hassle, no more fuss – Just good, old-fashioned, trustworthy service.

The next stage of the Holland Park deck extension

Bishop Construction completed the first stage of the project, now for phase two: the roof. This stage required considerably more coordination than the first stage as it was no longer only Bishop Construction team members who were involved. Crane hire and various delivers needed to happen within this stage.

However, before anything happened at that height, all scaffolding was installed so that the Bishop Construction team could work safely without worry.

Due to the narrow access along the side of the property, manoeuvring the roof frames into place quickly and safely required a bit of negotiation. Luckily, the Bishop Construction team had more than their fair share of experience working in tight spaces. The best solution is often the simplest, and as such the team used the crane to deliver the frames by going over the house!

The delivery of the roof frames also highlighted the importance of having this scaffolding in place prior to all other work; with machinery and men everywhere it was very easy to put a foot wrong!

In the midst of such a whirlwind of workers, machinery, and deliveries it was easy to see why Design and Construct services are worth their weight in gold -Bishop Construction coordinates on your behalf so that materials and men are on site on time. Ensuring there are no delays and your build flows seamlessly from one stage to the next. Bishop Construction also manages all machinery hire – such as cranes! – and uses a network of industry contacts to hire reputable yet reasonable subcontractors.  

After the roof frames were secured it was time for the battens to be installed. And finally, the tiles were stacked ready for laying.

Final Stages

Bishop Construction completed all structural work, the roof was completed and the build clean up done.

From here, the homeowners intend to enclose the newly created downstairs to create further living space. The newly created dining, bathroom, and bedroom upstairs are only awaiting painting before the homeowners move into their furniture in.
The landscaping was completed largely throughout the build, which means that very little work is now required to achieve a lush and stunning backyard.
Furthermore, because the deck has been extended towards the back of the property, the homeowners can now enjoy stunning sunset views of an evening.

Bishop Construction worked intensively with the homeowners to ensure that this build was completed on budget.

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