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Projects within the Brisbane Suburb, Holland Park

Holland Park is one of those suburbs that has bloomed in the last 10 years. Homeowners and investors have capitalized on the potential and supreme location of this quiet suburb. Holland Park is a mix of several decades of architectural trends; you can almost date when each section was developed based on the style of homes present. Because of this, renovation and extension options within the suburb are endless. This renovation potential, combined with the natural charm of the suburb, has created a spike in home prices and a steady rise in the number of buyers looking to stake a claim in Holland Park.

The homes in Holland Park receive a staggering number of views compared to homes in other locations. To put this in perspective; an average Queensland home will receive approximately 356 views from potential buyers; Holland Park properties receive over 1700 views. The median price for a residence within Holland Park is $730,000 and Annual Capital Growth for these places is around 4.42% – well above the Queensland average.
For long-term homeowners within Holland Park, this suggests that you may have considerable equity to draw upon should you wish to renovate or extend.

Beyond the figures and finances, Holland Park is vastly popular for its wide, leafy streets and parks, the abundance of birdlife and native critters, friendly and clean communities, as well as its geographic location within Brisbane. Holland Park is only 5 minutes from Carindale and the major shopping centre or 10 minutes to Mount Gravatt’s Garden City shopping centre. Not to mention only 15 minutes to the CBD.
Chock full of restaurants, greats schools and entertainment, it’s very clear why residents are keen to stay.

With so many not wishing to leave their sacred paradise, renovation is on the rise within Holland Park. Bishop Construction Services has thorough knowledge regarding renovating and extending within the area. We understand the pressures and constraints of building in such a hilly location as well as the added restrictions from the council.
For many of our clients, our design and construct services have been a godsend. Bishop Construction Services can oversee the entirety of your project from concept and design to completion and handover – taking the burden out of building.

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