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Brisbane Decks, Patios & Verandahs

If you’re lucky enough to have stunning views within sight of your home you’re probably dreaming of sitting out on a deck, enjoying an afternoon breeze accompanied by the sunset and a fresh drink in hand. Adding a deck onto your home can be incredibly beneficial, not only does it provide the ultimate sunset viewing location, but it can be great for entertaining and can add value to your home!

Open up your home with a large deck and sliding doors and you have the perfect entertainment area. Decks are such versatile areas, whether you wish to use it for entertaining or as a little retreat, you can utilise the space as you wish. 

Bishop Constructions are here to help bring your new deck to life. We can ensure that it has all the accessories that an entertainment area requires, such as an outdoor deck, plenty of space for lounges and tables and to a high quality.

Alternatively, we can create a small deck, perfect for sitting in a hammock and watching the sunset with a book in hand. 

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Pergolas are a great alternative to decks, especially for single storey homes with large backyards. A pergola is separate from your home, making it a great escape or bbq area, especially if you have a yard filled with flowers and greenery. Bishop Constructions can create a pergola to suit your needs and yard. Even if you are limited for yard space, a pergola can fit it. Sometimes creating this new and separate space can create the illusion of a larger space- by dividing your yard into clear areas it can feel as though it’s bigger than it truly is. 

Pergolas and decks are perfect for Brisbane, all year round! In summer, people want a shady space where they can catch a breeze and host lunches and dinners. In a Brisbane winter, being outside is refreshing but can be quite pleasant on a non-windy day, especially when the sun is shining on a Sunday morning and you can sit on your balcony with a warm coffee soaking up the morning sun. 

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