When it comes to executing a bathroom renovation, it’s important to think ahead, this includes budgeting, your renovation team and time. But first, you need to seek some inspiration. Depending on the rest of your home, you may choose to stay with a colour theme or style, either way, spotting some trends is a good place to start. 


A perfect blend of the past and present, this trend sees whites and golds come together to create a dramatic but minimal room. The bathroom is the perfect place for this style as tapware can be gold without overpowering other elements and still appears minimalistic against a white room.

Spa and Hotel-Inspired

Self-care is a trend in itself, so it’s only natural that bathrooms would also follow suit. With many self-care practices occurring in the bathroom, such as facials, bubble baths and hair masks, why not create your very own spa by embracing elements of a hotel and luxury spa retreat into the bathroom. Touches of wood, clean lines, candles and a neutral colour palette can achieve this. Treat yourself every day in your own home. 


Subway tiles, white bathtubs and feature floor tiles come together to create a classic bathroom. When you’re updating a classic Queenslander, this could be the perfect style for your new bathroom. Sometimes you’ll be lucky enough to have a 

Vintage Vibes

We are quickly approaching 2020, which means we have an excuse to revisit all the luxe trends from the roaring twenties. Think, gold and brass everything! If you’re a fan of the vintage style, perhaps a golden clawfoot bath is up your alley? 


On the opposite end of the spectrum is the minimalist, industrial trend. With a focus on concrete finishes and brushed metals, this trend embraces clean lines and shapes. This trend works best when coordinated with the rest of the home. So if your house is spacious and minimalistic, an industrial approach will blend right in. 


Pantone’s colour of the year, Coral, is making it’s way into every trend list, including this one! Bathrooms are becoming more and more unique and present just another opportunity to insert your personality and style into your home. Add a feature wall with Coral tiles or paint. 


Just like the little black dress, a bathroom featuring black and dark grey elements never goes out of style. The colour choice can seamlessly blend into the rest of the space, so even if you’re just updating the tapware or tiling, dark tones are a safe but stylish option. 

Statement Pieces

The final touches are what brings a room together. And in the case of a bathroom, can be what switches up the style. You can have a classic, white tiled bathroom, but with a simple change of tapware or accessories, you can update the whole room. This year has seen statement pieces take on surprising colours. White basins are a thing of the past. For your next renovation, why not go for a concrete sink or perhaps a colourful marbled bowl. Colourful tapware also seems to be a favoured trend. Whether it’s a matte black or pop of pink, tapware is taking us by surprise! It seems when it comes to the finer details, we should expect unexpected colours and material choices. 

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