When engaging a builder, depending on the scale of your project, you are commencing a working relationship that can last anywhere from a couple of weeks through to a couple of months. As such, it is really important to maintain open lines of courteous communication between both builder and client.

If you are not in the industry it can be difficult trying to navigate appropriate etiquettes. Below are some basic builder etiquettes that can help your relationship with your builder start on the right foot:

Know What You Want

It can be hard to know exactly what you want in your renovation, however, being clear on foundational details will make your builder’s job much easier. Things such as style, basic colours, amenities, and sizes will indicate to your builder which building designers, suppliers, and contractors they will been to contact.


Be upfront about your budget

It has become a custom for many homeowners to undersell their budget to their builder. A trustworthy builder if focussed on completing your project on time and on budget. As a result, you may find that your expectations and what your builder offers you are at odds. Being upfront about your budget from the beginning, and clear about where you would like to focus on spending your money, will save you and your builder a lot of confusion. As well as saving time, you may find that your builder can save you money by sourcing deals through their various contacts.


Give an accurate time frame

Similar to underselling the budget, many homeowners have taken to underselling their timeframes. If your timeframe is unrealistic your builder may simply refuse the job rather than accept it and finish late. Be honest in your expectations for the build. At Bishop Construction Services we are proud of our history of arriving on budget and on time.


Calling during non-work hours

For many builders, you will often have a direct line to your project manager. While you may be tempted to phone your builder after hours to discuss new thoughts regarding your renovation, it is important to remember that your builder is also attending to their own after hours business. Your builder will certainly appreciate non-urgent conversation being help until the next working day. If you need to relay information immediately, an email is always a great alternative to an after-hours call.


Bishop Construction Services have extensive experience guiding many homeowners throughout the building and renovation process. Whether you are new to renovating or have been through the process many times, Bishop Construction Services are your builder of choice. If you would like more information on the building or renovation process or you would like to get started with Bishop, then contact our team today!

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