Getting The Most Out Of Your Builder

Many homeowners who hire a builder are not getting the full force of their builders knowledge and experience.

This is no fault of the homeowners or the builder; it is simply a lack of probing conversation. Here are some questions that you can ask your builder to make sure you’re getting the best build possible:


Ask Questions

Asking questions sounds like a simple piece of advice, but it is something that people forget so often! Talking to your builder, asking their opinion, and looking at portfolios is a great way to collect information and inspiration for your own home. Bishop Construction Services has extensive experience building, renovating, and extending homes; throughout many projects our team have created intelligent and inspired designs.


Don’t be afraid to use your builders contacts

When your builder suggests a particular subcontractor, supplier, or designer they don’t get a commission, they just know the subcontractors do good work. In many cases, these industry contacts provide services as reduced or discounted rate due to long-standing relationship with your builder.


Be honest with your builder

Alongside asking questions, the next best way to way to get the most out of your builder is to answer questions honestly! Many homeowners have been told never to disclose their ‘true’ budget. While many people believe that this  will save them money, in actuality it can increase the overall cost. Being clear and precise about your budget, what you want in your home, and how much of your budget you are willing to spend will help your builder understand how to create the home of your dreams. Being clear about wanting to save where possible will mean that your builder can begin source alternative or cheaper suppliers to take the burden off your budget.


Bishop Construction Services have extensive experience guiding many homeowners throughout the building and renovation process. Whether you are new to renovating or have been through the process many times, Bishop Construction Services are your builder of choice. If you would like more information on the building or renovation process or you would like to get started with Bishop, then contact our team today!



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