To Raise or Not to Raise: Is Lifting Your Brisbane Home the Solution to Flooding?

Recent years have seen Brisbane grapple with its fair share of flooding challenges, prompting homeowners to think long and hard about the safety of their homes.

With the introduction of the new Resilient Homes Fund Scheme, the question has never been more pressing: Is raising your house a sound decision? The government’s recent launch of the Resilient Homes Fund Scheme has come as a beacon of hope for many. The scheme, aiming to enhance the flood resilience of properties, provides flood-affected homeowners with a generous $100,000 grant to lift their homes above predicted flood levels. For those on the fence about raising their home, this financial support may just be the push they need.

Cost Benefits: Raising vs. Rebuilding
At first glance, the idea of demolishing a beloved family home and building anew might seem like the most hassle-free option. However, when you consider costs, the scales often tip in favour of raising. Raising your existing home can save you the steep expenses associated with designing, constructing, and finishing a new home. With the $100,000 grant, the financial strain is further alleviated, making lifting a more budget-friendly choice for many. Demolishing and rebuilding can not only exceed your initial budget but can also lead to unexpected costs, especially if unanticipated issues arise during construction. We discuss more about house raising benefits in this article.

More Than Just Flood Protection: The Added Room Benefit
One of the less talked about, but equally enticing advantages of raising a home, is the additional space it offers. Elevating your home can provide you with an entire new level beneath your current living space. This newfound area can be used for a myriad of purposes – a garage, a workspace, additional bedrooms, or even a rentable unit. Not only does this add functional space, but it also significantly boosts the property’s overall value.

Environmental Footprint
Raising an existing structure generally has a smaller carbon footprint than demolishing and rebuilding. By preserving the majority of the home’s materials, you reduce the need for new resources and the associated energy costs of production. In an era where sustainability is increasingly crucial, lifting your home is not just a personal financial decision but also an environmentally conscious one.

Preserving Heritage & Memories
Brisbane is dotted with homes that hold a rich history and countless memories for their inhabitants. Raising these homes instead of opting for demolition allows families to retain the character and sentiment of their cherished abodes. While a new home might offer modern designs, it lacks the narrative of growth, love, and the myriad moments that older homes resonate with.

Brisbane homeowners are at a pivotal juncture. The decision to raise a home isn’t merely about combating the ever-present flood risk – it’s about cost efficiency, additional space, environmental consciousness, and the preservation of history.

With the Resilient Homes Fund Scheme, the financial burden is significantly lessened, making the choice to elevate a tangible solution for many. By raising your home, you’re not just taking a step towards ensuring its safety against floods; you’re making a comprehensive decision that benefits your pocket, the environment, and the legacy of your home. Here at Bishop Construction Services, we understand the complexities of this choice. Whatever decision you make, always ensure it aligns with your long-term vision for your home and family’s safety.

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