Deciding to renovate or rebuild your home can come down to many factors, from finances to the structure of the home. Knocking down a home can be a daunting process so remember to take all factors into consideration before deciding.

After living in your home for many years, you have most likely noticed some cosmetic wear and tear. In this case, renovating would be the best option. During the renovation process, you may also choose to extend or reconfigure.

Alternatively, if you own an older home, there may be deeper issues. Homes all face wear and tear, but eventually, larger issues will arise, such as damage to the structure of a house. In these situations, it’s a case-by-case choice. Some homes can be made more structurally sound with renovations if not, it can be more efficient to start from scratch with a demolish and rebuild.

For some homebuyers, location is the primary selling point, regardless of the home sitting on the land. Many people will choose to demolish and start again when the location is spectacular but the home doesn’t match. This is where we can bring your dream home to life from the very beginning. We will work with you to ensure that your new home is perfect for the land that you bought.

Another significant factor to consider before renovating or rebuilding is to see if the house is heritage-listed. You can find out through your local council, which will also provide you with rules and regulations surrounding construction that you wish to do on your home. If it is heritage listed the option to rebuild is automatically ruled out. We have many years of experience renovating Queenslanders, so we understand the importance of maintaining the character of the iconic home. But just because the home has restrictions, doesn’t mean that we can’t achieve your dream home through renovations.

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