Renovating a Queenslander

What you need to know before starting renovations on your Brisbane Heritage Home

Brisbane is home to many heritage-listed houses, all of which are unique and have character. However, over the years, these homes start to be worn down and require a makeover. If you are considering giving your Queenslander a makeover, it’s important to take note of the rules and regulations surrounding these Brisbane houses.

Firstly, you should establish if your home is heritage, or character, listed. Local council websites have criteria and lists to inform you of the status of your home. Once you have established that your home is heritage listed, you’ll need to seek approval for the renovations that you want to undertake. The regulations surrounding these houses are in place to preserve the style and appearance of Queenslanders. So if you are wanting to alter the exterior of the house, it is unlikely to be approved.

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Some renovations that you can make however involve making the home safer and livable. This could involve installing necessary utilities and ensuring that the electricals are in good shape. Many of the accepted changes don’t compromise the homes original appearance, so if fittings and fixtures are no longer stable, elements such as floors and ceilings can be updated, doing so in a complementary way. They should incorporate the properties charm, whether this means ensuring that the ornate details are carried through or the materials remain consistent.

When it comes to renovating specific rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and laundries, the same rules apply- if the original appeal of the home is not compromised, the changes should be accepted.

The homes exterior is the most important contributor to maintaining the overall appearance of the home and therefore faces stricter regulations when it comes to renovations. Generally, the facade of the home should be untouched except for simple repairs or maintenance. Even when undergoing maintenance, such as painting or replacing worn-out timber, it is necessary to remain with the appearance of the home and stick with a similar colour palette and type of materials. This applies to all visible areas of the home.

While these rules and regulations may seem limiting, there is still a lot that can be done. Queenslanders were not designed for modern living, and nowadays we prefer to have spacious homes with plenty of room to grow and entertain. Extensions are possible, especially house raises, within reason. Raising your Queenslander is an easy solution to the issue of space. You can lift the home without compromising the appearance and by building underneath the raised home, you can contribute to the overall appearance. Doing so by remaining true to the original style and choosing colours and materials that complement the classic appearance.

Bishop Constructions have experienced first hand the intricacies of renovating a Queenslander and understand the amount of care to be taken. Contact us today to discuss your renovation needs and how we can help revamp your heritage home.

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