Renovating for Christmas

We are already well into September, so before we know it, Christmas will be here! Plans are starting to be made, holidays booked, lunch menus discussed and perhaps some renovation ideas have been thrown into the mix. September is the perfect time to be making renovation plans as it can allow enough time for a quick revamp without time pressure. 

Lunch on the Deck

Whether you’ve raised your hand to host or not, Christmas lunch on a large deck, embracing the sunshine and breeze sounds like a pretty great way to spend the day. This also provides a perfect excuse to build a deck onto your home; think of it as a little Christmas gift to yourself. Building a deck would be for so much more than Christmas lunches; the added space and great views can add value to your property and create a great space for entertaining throughout the year.  

Cook up a Feast in your Updated Kitchen

Planning on providing your friends and family with the ultimate Christmas lunch? Perhaps a kitchen makeover is in order. When it comes to kitchen renovations they don’t necessarily have to be an entire restructure; getting a new splashback or fresh cupboard fronts could be all you need. If this is the case, time restraints won’t be as tight. Wanting to create more space to cook up a Christmas feast? Maybe a full kitchen renovation is in order. We can help you maximise your space; so even if you have limited room, your new kitchen won’t let any space go to waste. 

Christmas Guests

When it comes to the holiday season, there are usually a few guests coming into your home and using your amenities. The current state of your bathroom may suit your needs, but with guests, a bathroom makeover might be needed. A bathroom should be practical but also be a room that people feel comfortable in. Whether you need to make better use of the space or are just wanting to update it, our team can ensure that your bathroom is fit to handle your holiday guests, no matter how many come through the doors. 

These guests may also need space to sleep, so if you’re short on rooms, converting that unused office or garage space into a guest bedroom could be a good option. A bedroom revamp can be achieved through a simple paint job, but if you’re needing to extend the room we can help you. Create a cozy spare bedroom that your Christmas guests will love, and by making it a multi-purpose space it can be useful all year round. 

Christmas holidays serve as the ultimate time to reveal your latest renovations and whilst this may seem exciting, it is important to note that there are only a few months to complete the renovations in. If you’re not fond of the idea of living amongst renovations over Christmas then be sure to pick the most important project to focus on and maybe save any others for the new year. 


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