September is around the corner, welcoming in the warmer days (not that the past 3 months have been that chilly). Spring brings fresh air, new flowers and an opportunity to give your home a makeover. Home renovations are great to undergo during spring as it’s not too hot and the wind has generally died down so it provides great working conditions plus it’s ideal for drying paint!

From tidying up to large scale renovations, Bishop Construction are able to provide high quality finishes to any project. As tradition goes, Spring is the time for Spring Cleaning, which often leads to people finding small issues in their home, from cracked walls to dated bathrooms. 

Spring renovations are also a good time to prep your home for summer. No one wants to live amongst renovations or be working hard during the holiday period. Summer is also the best time to entertain guests, or relax on a deck, enjoying your new renovations, rather than working on them. 


We are deck building specialists, with many years of experience in designing and constructing high quality decks of all shapes and sizes. A deck is the perfect spot to soak up the summertime sunshine, so getting this completed in spring is a great way of ensuring that you can make the most of your deck.


Spring is when all the flowers bloom and the grass is beautiful and green, making it the perfect time to work on your yard areas. Whether it’s adding a patio, gazebo or some paving, small touches can make a significant difference.

Bathrooms and Kitchens

More involved renovations, such as the bathroom and kitchen areas can be a longer process. Working on these areas during warmer months means you won’t risk freezing or overheating if you have exposed rooms for a night or two! 


Painting is another renovation process that works best during spring. You’ll be able to leave the house open with freezing and letting the paint dry quickly without the strong fumes throughout your home. 

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