There comes a time in many of our lives that the homes we bought simply don’t fit our needs anymore, and the question of “what now?” is asked. Most of the time this could be solved with some renovations and rearranging, however, this poses a new question- upwards or outwards?

This decision comes down to how the new space is to be used and how much land you currently have. A second storey might be the best option if you’re limited on land, whereas an extension could be wiser, in the long run, to provide an accessible area, no matter what level of mobility you and your guests have.


If you are lucky enough to have hidden views, then upwards seems to be the natural choice; why waste those sights by remaining on the ground level? This choice could also potentially increase the value of your property. Another significant factor to consider is the amount of space available, renovating upwards would allow for the existing outdoor space to remain. A second storey also offers the opportunity to divide up the living areas; whether that be to have the communal rooms- such as the kitchen and living rooms, on one floor, and the bedrooms and bathrooms on another. If upsizing is your primary driver for renovations, then opting for a second storey is the way to go.



On the other hand, the option to extend from your existing home has its pros too. A ground floor extension is great for opening up the central living area, lending itself to become an open plan home. This also allows for the option to blend the outdoors and indoors; bringing the home closer to surrounding nature, adding to the sense of open plan living. However, if you are pressed for land area already, then extending into this could prove to be a con. With no stairs to worry about, another significant benefit of an extension is the ease that it provides in terms of mobility.


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