Builder Etiquette

When engaging a builder, depending on the scale of your project, you are commencing a working relationship that can last anywhere from a couple of weeks through to a couple of months. As such, it is really important to maintain open lines of courteous communication between both builder and client. If you are not in the industry it can be

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Getting The Most Out Of Your Builder

Many homeowners who hire a builder are not getting the full force of their builders knowledge and experience. This is no fault of the homeowners or the builder; it is simply a lack of probing conversation. Here are some questions that you can ask your builder to make sure you’re getting the best build possible:   Ask Questions Asking questions

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Home Building Or Renovation Process: From Quote to Completion

Home Building Or Renovation Process: From Quote to Completion.  Feel confident with Bishop Construction Services   First time home builders or renovators often have a lot of questions regarding the building process. Our aim at Bishop Construction Services is to reduce uncertainty and stress surrounding our processes. As it is one of our most frequently asked questions, we’ve decided to

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What Can A Builder Do For Me?

What Can A Builder Do For Me? The short answer is: Anything…. If you have enough money. Bishop Construction Services often speak to homeowners at the very beginning of the of their home renovation process. One of the first questions we receive is “Can you do this?” Our answer:  Bishop Construction Services have extensive experience building homes throughout Brisbane and Ipswich, performing

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