Things to Consider Before Renovating your Kitchen

Before starting your kitchen renovation, there are a few important things that you should take into consideration. From the budget to schedule, thinking them through can be the difference between your dream kitchen and an average kitchen. The Budget As with any renovation, the budget plays an important role. It can dictate many of the choices you will need to

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Renovate or Rebuild

Deciding to renovate or rebuild your home can come down to many factors, from finances to the structure of the home. Knocking down a home can be a daunting process so remember to take all factors into consideration before deciding.


Renovation Tips

Before starting your home renovation, it’s important to make sure you’re prepared for the upcoming project.


Renovating a Queenslander

If you are considering giving your Queenslander a makeover, it’s important to take note of the rules and regulations surrounding these Brisbane houses.


Bathroom Trends

When it comes to executing a bathroom renovation, it’s important to think ahead, this includes budgeting, your renovation team and time. But first, you need to seek some inspiration.


Renovating for Christmas

We are already well into September, so before we know it, Christmas will be here! Plans are starting to be made, holidays booked, lunch menus discussed and perhaps some renovation ideas have been thrown into the mix. September is the perfect time to be making renovation plans as it can allow enough time for a quick revamp without time pressure. 

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Upwards or Outwards?

There comes a time in many of our lives that the homes we bought simply don’t fit our needs anymore, and the question of “what now?” is asked. Most of the time this could be solved with some renovations and rearranging, however, this poses a new question- upwards or outwards? This decision comes down to how the new space is

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Overland Flow Maps

What is Overland Flow map and how does it affect you Brisbane has always been a flood-prone area. In the wake of several devastating floods, residents have become increasingly aware of where their home, and future homes, sit on the Overland Flow map. But what exactly is the Overland Flow map and how does it affect you? What is the

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Importance of Referrals and Reviews

Many customers often utilise reviews when deciding which builder to contract but very few leave reviews when their project is finished. Reviews are incredibly important to local businesses. Particularly those that are family owned and operated. Local businesses operate on much smaller profit margins than large corporations or franchised outlets. These smaller profit margins are caused by a number of

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Builder Etiquette

When engaging a builder, depending on the scale of your project, you are commencing a working relationship that can last anywhere from a couple of weeks through to a couple of months. As such, it is really important to maintain open lines of courteous communication between both builder and client. If you are not in the industry it can be

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